Winter Bellydance Classes in the Yarra Valley

Class dates have been announced for winter 2018.

By the end of term it will be SPRING!

This makes me happy. 😀

We begin Thursday 9th of August and dance for 7 weeks until the 20th September.

Class begins at 7pm and runs for an hour. 

This term will be a particularly WARMING term of progressive Bellydance drills that get you moving from toe to head.

This is an open level class. Beginning dancers will get to see where they are going and Experienced dancers get a review of where they have come from. All levels are welcome to join, but this is a small class and places are limited, so book early.

Please book your place by phoning Seville Community House on 03 5964 3987.

Wear warm exercise pants and a fitted top and jacket to stay warm. A scarf tied around the hips really helps you feel like a Bellydancer. Any scarf long enough to wrap around the hips is a good start. Sarongs work well too.

Although we usually dance barefoot, the venue is carpeted, so it is safe to keep your socks on during the winter term. Of course if you like to sacrifice warmth for glamour and dress up in Bellydance costume then please enjoy the opportunity.

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I am always grateful to be a dancer during the winter. I am used to lots of walking, but the winter can lock me inside some days. I love that Bellydance can be compact, adapting to any music, mood or malady. Trapped inside by rain again today, the music is already gently drumming my stereo, calling me to dance...

Dance For Joy X

Leanne Margaret


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