Leanne Margaret: Summer Solstice Poem

Hi Dancers

It's Spring Solstice, my favourite time of year. The peak of summer always has me planning a night out dancing. Also it's my birthday month and Christmas, so there's lots to celebrate. The next post will include all the details of the next Majickal Bellydance 7 Week Course at Seville Community House, Victoria.

But for now, I have encapsulated some elements of Summer Solstice into this little poem. For much of my life, my writing focussed on poetry. But since I wrote my first book, the poetry has taken a back seat. So I enjoyed getting back in touch with the concentration of poetry.

It's a quick read too, which is refreshing in a world saturated with writing.

Happy Summer Solstice. 🌞

Leanne Margaret: Summer Solstice Poem: Another solar cycle shines its peak; The sun is at its highest in the sky. The summer solstice build-up is released. Spring herbs...


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