The Motivation to Dance

We are suffering the coldest depths of a Melbourne winter and other than directly to my car, I've barely stepped outside in weeks. My muscles and joints are slowing, stiffening from the lack of physical activity. I am accustomed to walking several times a week and the occasional run. At this time of year my bellydance practise is more important than ever. But how do I motivate myself from my blanket wrapped position on the couch?

The Music

Music moves us. The right music will elicit an emotional response in our body. This can be a good starting point as we begin to move. It can be helpful to have a playlist organised containing your favourite dance tracks. I have a playlist that I use for each term of dance classes including warm up tracks with 90 minutes of music for drills, improvisations and a couple of cool down tracks at the end. You don't have to dance for 90 minutes for it to be worthwhile. Even five minutes of spirited dance can be an effective full-body, mini-workout. Deciding to dance a song each day can turn into longer sessions when motivation is higher.

The Dance Floor

Ideally the dance floor will be permanent. If I need to shuffle furniture around, I probably won't bother. If I'm uncomfortable or cold I probably won't bother. For me, this means having a music player set up in the main living/kitchen area where I spend most of my time. I have a large rug on the floor so it's comfortable to dance barefoot, even during Melbourne winters. I also have a pair of dance slippers on hand ready for spontaneous dance sessions on my hard floor area where I like to practise my spins. 

Props Ready

Within arms reach of my dance space I can easily grab a pair of dance canes and a small veil. Raising the arms actually raises more physical energy to further energise dance. With our arms raised and open our solar plexus and heart energy centres can open, firing us up so we dance with our hearts.


The primary point of power over whether or not you dance today is belief. If you believe you can't be bothered, then bother you will not. If you believe that music can move you, feeling it in your heart and bones, you will be moved. If you remember that raising your arms can raise the energy you need to dance, then your faith can move you to turning on some music. 
From my own experience, dance motivates more dance...just begin dancing. Which I what I'm going to do right now.

Dance for Joy

Leanne Margaret © 2017


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