Bellydancer Habits That Keep You Young

This week I met with a long time friend and bellydancer after a long absence. I think we were both amazed at how young the other was looking. Our children have grown to adulthood and neither of us has lived without difficulty. I was reminded of the power of bellydance on so many levels. It's an energy dance and once found, that energy radiates like a sunny mist. There seems to be a certain sense of agelessness among my bellydance and yoga practitioner friends. From experience I know that none of us are immune from the natural wear and tear of being alive, but the practitioner of therapies such as spiritual bellydance and yoga process these changes in a particular way. This article focuses on dance because Majickal Bellydance is my main practice.

When a Dancer Hurts

When dancers feels an ache, our first response is usually not to lay down on the couch and pop a pill. We know that living life to its fullest can sometimes create a little fatigue or stiffness. We are accustomed to stretching after classes and are often trained in relevant yoga positions to help alleviate our aches. We know that by maintaining a regular movement practise that attends to mobility of joints and strength of muscles, we can better support our bodies activities. By applying routine stretches we can support our bodies to recover well, as our skills and limits are coaxed ever-wider with our dance training.

Dancers Use Mirrors

As dancers we are accustomed to being photographed and to using mirrors to visually refine and craft our movements. Therefore any postural issues can be clearly identified. Photographs last forever, but posture doesn't have to. We can use our routine training to alter the way we move, sit and dance. Maintaining correct posture assists the body to carry us through dance and through life, while reducing the chance of injury and unbalanced wear and tear. In the mirror we gain a regular overview of our visual impression on the world. We are the creators of our appearance. I'm not talking about fakery but about celebrating who we are and expressing our best potential. I wish to sincerely convey myself as the energetic, vibrant person I still am.

Dancers Eat Good Food

Dancers need good fuel. We expect to have large amounts of energy available to us when we want or need to dance. We also expect our bones and joints to support our dance for the rest of our lives. We need to ensure a good, regular supply of the kind of food that gives us sustained energy, without bloating or sugar crashes. Many of us creative types are extremely sensitive and suffer food intolerances. These intolerances, although inconvenient, can ensure a better diet, provided other foods aren't binged on to take the place of eliminated foods. We are conscious of the process of forever building our dance body to express our dance mind. Learning about health and good nutrition is part of the physical side of our spiritual dance.

Dancers Plan on Dancing More

Dancers like to stay fit, active and vigorous so we can keep on dancing. We experience such a huge amount of joy from our craft that to imagine not being able to dance is intolerable. So we take care of our bodies and our attitudes so that our health and our motivation are enduring. We eat and sleep well to keep moving. We move to recover from movement and to keep on moving. The energy we generate in repetition carves patterns of positive routine into our lives. 

We dance so we may keep on dancing. The movement literally keeps us more alive. The circle dance of the cycle of life resonates through us, and we glow.

Leanne Margaret ©️2017


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