Classes - Dancing Through the Elements 2017

By EARTH we explore the physical forms of bellydance movements.

By WATER we feel the energies of movement and music flowing through those forms.

By FIRE we are empowered, energetic and confident to dance our style.

By AIR we listen to the music and movements of the world, adding to and refining our own.

As SPIRIT we listen to the calls of our bodies, honouring our role as protectors of these miraculous vessels. 

Majickal Bellydance is Channelled from Ancient Egypt to promote health, harmony, balance, tone and mobility.

You will learn a style you can easily take home with you to bring the Majick into your daily life.

Please read the flyers carefully as the booking systems are different for each event.

I am very excited to be teaching 'elements' again. See you soon dancers.
 - Leanne Margaret X


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