2017 Majickal Bellydance Workshops

Hi Dancers

Welcome to my new blog.

It has been created specifically for posting news about my majickal series of bellydance workshops.

You might not usually be a subscribing to blogs kind of person, but I promise not to bother you with a million non-bellydance posts. I only offer bellydance events on a limited basis, so it's a good idea to subscribe if you want to catch one.

I have another blog for my other stuff you might like to subscribe to if you like reading, metaphysics, tarot, energy medicine and personal & planetary development: www.leannemargaret.com It's where you will find all the news regarding my coming books.
But for dancers who would rather not be bothered by articles and poems in their inbox, this is the blog for you.
Bellydance, Yarra Valley, Victoria

I am planning two events so far in 2017. 

  • Lilydale 'Elements' 2 hour Workshop, Sunday 19th February
  • Seville 'Elements' 5 week Course, from Thursday 23rd February

Keep scrolling down for detailed flyers. 

Please follow booking instructions below for each event as they are different.

Why 'Elements?' Well for two reasons:
  1. 'Elements' is an introductory course offering the basic elements of bellydance in a form you can build on for yourself. 
  2. 'Elements' is a journey through the powerfully transformative elemental energies of Earth, Air, Fire & Water. These energies bring all that is to be. Dancing the elements shows how these majickal energies can help you to learn bellydance more deeply while learning a little more about yourself.
My workshops are designed for therapeutic and mindfulness purposes, without the need for special choreographies or costuming.

What to wear? 

Dancers should wear soft, comfortable clothing that doesn't restrict movement. Yoga pants or a long skirt are great. No shoes are worn as both venues are carpeted. Please leave shoes inside the door prior to entering dance space. You might like to bring plain water in a covered bottle to flush away any toxins released.

Booking and payment details as follows:

Bellydance Workshop Lilydale 2017
Bellydance Classes Seville 2017


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