Sunday, 23 April 2017

What is Majickal Bellydance?

Majickal Bellydance is a therapeutic style emphasising mobility, control and an understanding of living energy. I am really pleased to be sharing my Majickal Bellydance style at Seville House again next term. Last term we enjoyed a short 5 week introduction using metaphors from the elements of Earth, Air, Fire & Water. We mobilised our bodies from the ground up, spiralling, circling and rippling toward harmony, health and laughter.

Earth energy helps us to anchor our feet into the ground with stability. Our knees provide the leverage for living energy to ascend and descend the spine. Water energy helps us to understand our emotional flow as we respond to the music and to our feelings and thoughts. Fire energy illuminates our confidence and fires up our shimmies. Fire motivates the will to get up and dance in the first place. Air carries our veils, symbolising the doors to spiritual realms. Air energy transmits the music to our inner world via the ears, lungs and heart. It connects us to our dance troupe and to the outer world as we breathe the air shared by all.

But there's more...

Next term I am presenting the '7 Circles Majickal Bellydance Course.' Dancers will still learn the basics from the ground up, like the 'Elements' course, but with the addition of some deeper dimensions of bellydance. Many movements will be presented and repeated using a system of metaphors to assist learning and the retaining of knowledge. Dancers will receive a whole body workout as well as a clearing and balancing of the energy body. The 7 Circles course involves a greater range of head, neck and hand movements. We will also play with spinning, so find your twirly skirts girls. It's a lot of fun.

This is spiritual bellydance. We are not working toward performance and require no special costuming. We are working toward the development of good self care. Majickal Bellydance is a system of movement therapy that can be taken home where it's full power can be realised.

As a sufferer of PTSD, I have developed Majickal Bellydance with the needs of trauma survivors in mind. This means dancers learn a style that promotes loving kindness toward the body and mind. Dance drills are designed to mobilise the entire body with lots of arm movements to heal and balance the heart chakra. Trauma survivors often detach from their bodies. Majickal Bellydance gradually brings mind and body into cohesion where innate healing can take place.

Majickal Bellydance is great for people with minor mobility issues too. The gradual circling of the joints of the body promote circulation and proper alignment for good healing.

Majickal Bellydance is also great for people with the kind of social anxiety that makes it hard to learn and retain choreography in class. We use dance drills in repeating patterns that need only be performed in your own lounge room.

All shapes and sizes are welcome to bellydance. You don't need to have a 'belly' to be a bellydancer. I don't fit the stereotype of a bellydancer, so don't worry if you think you don't either. All shapes have their signature movements.

So if you can get to Seville, Yarra Valley, Victoria in May 2017, check out my classes.
Bellydance Classes

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Elements Bellydance Course Term 1 2017

The Circle of Life
Majickal Bellydancers at Seville Community House have danced through the elements of earth, water, fire and air. Sadly, we have only one class remaining this term. But a majickal class it will be, as we integrate four elements, four directions, four dimensions, entwined as they are, by spirit.


By earth, we found our balance on the ground, testing our limits, leaning into four directions of space. Upon reaching our limits in form, we gathered the energy into circles, defining our dance space.
Taken at Phillip Island, Victoria.


By water, we rippled within the parameters of our found physical space, nourished by the waters of our being and our feeling. Our feet began to flow across space, moving with currents of emotion and music. The centre of our being, the navel, rose and fell with the currents of the spirit of life, our animating breath.


By fire, we shone. We danced our confidence, using the light of our awareness to dispel fears, dissolving the barriers dividing us from dance. Courage lengthened our spines and we grew toward the sun, our shimmies spreading and enhancing the energy.
Taken at Koha Cafe, Yarra Valley, Victoria.


By air, we sat in a circle, speaking to one another, unified by the air we breathed and the space we occupied. Gently discussing, dissolving, the veil between worlds and between people. Deeply invoking, the loving power of the Divine Feminine. We activated our heart energy, compassionately connecting with troupe and cosmos, where we are one.
Taken at the Blue Lotus Gardens, Yarra Valley, Victoria.


Thursday 23rd March will be the last class for term one 2017. By spirit, we will weave together the elements of our nature, the dimensions of our dance. By the power of our shimmies, these elements can energise into shaking medicine. Perhaps we will dance a spell to manifest another term of Majickal Bellydance at Seville House?

I'm thinking of presenting a seven week course again. The Majickal Bellydance 7 Circles course takes dancers into deeper dimensions of the spiralling dance of life. The four elemental energies are presented, grounding us to free our arms and begin opening to higher dimensions of movement: turning, spinning and perhaps even whirling.

It's great to be back. 💜
The Majickal Bellydance healing goes both ways. 💞 All ways. ☀️
Move often.
Be well. 🌈
Leanne Margaret

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Friday, 24 February 2017

The Cosmic Dance

It's great to be teaching some classes again, watching new faces, nervous at first, beam with good vibes at the end.

I can feel the mobility increasing in my body already. My energy has been a little higher, especially at around midnight after my evening class. It takes a few hours to wind down.

Week one at a new venue is all about space, orientation and introduction. I like to get a feel for the energy flow of the room so I can identify the best place to stand. Sometimes, for whatever reason, facing a certain direction feels 'wrong.' So week one can involve sudden changes of direction as I figure it all out.

Week one explores the lines and limits of the physical body.  As we lean toward our own limits we can test our strength, increasing our sense of physical trust and safety.

Standing strong and supple prepares us to move the essence of the universal life force into circles.

The circles we dance emit a current of energy, growing as the course progresses, building to peaks of joy and spiritual dance.

We are cosmic mirrors. We whirl like solar systems, spinning into planetary bodies where we shake, circle and roll into being and form.

The cosmic dance,
Majickal Bellydance. 😇

If you enjoy reading about spiritual dance check out my poem 'Whirling Dervish.'

Friday, 9 December 2016

Classes - Dancing Through the Elements 2017

By EARTH we explore the physical forms of bellydance movements.

By WATER we feel the energies of movement and music flowing through those forms.

By FIRE we are empowered, energetic and confident to dance our style.

By AIR we listen to the music and movements of the world, adding to and refining our own.

As SPIRIT we listen to the calls of our bodies, honouring our role as protectors of these miraculous vessels. 

Majickal Bellydance is Channelled from Ancient Egypt to promote health, harmony, balance, tone and mobility.

You will learn a style you can easily take home with you to bring the Majick into your daily life.

Please read the flyers carefully as the booking systems are different for each event.

I am very excited to be teaching 'elements' again. See you soon dancers.
 - Leanne Margaret X

Saturday, 26 November 2016

2017 Majickal Bellydance Workshops

Hi Dancers

Welcome to my new blog.

It has been created specifically for posting news about my majickal series of bellydance workshops.

You might not usually be a subscribing to blogs kind of person, but I promise not to bother you with a million non-bellydance posts. I only offer bellydance events on a limited basis, so it's a good idea to subscribe if you want to catch one.

I have another blog for my other stuff you might like to subscribe to if you like reading, metaphysics, tarot, energy medicine and personal & planetary development: It's where you will find all the news regarding my coming books.
But for dancers who would rather not be bothered by articles and poems in their inbox, this is the blog for you.
Bellydance, Yarra Valley, Victoria

I am planning two events so far in 2017. 

  • Lilydale 'Elements' 2 hour Workshop, Sunday 19th February
  • Seville 'Elements' 5 week Course, from Thursday 23rd February

Keep scrolling down for detailed flyers. 

Please follow booking instructions below for each event as they are different.

Why 'Elements?' Well for two reasons:
  1. 'Elements' is an introductory course offering the basic elements of bellydance in a form you can build on for yourself. 
  2. 'Elements' is a journey through the powerfully transformative elemental energies of Earth, Air, Fire & Water. These energies bring all that is to be. Dancing the elements shows how these majickal energies can help you to learn bellydance more deeply while learning a little more about yourself.
My workshops are designed for therapeutic and mindfulness purposes, without the need for special choreographies or costuming.

What to wear? 

Dancers should wear soft, comfortable clothing that doesn't restrict movement. Yoga pants or a long skirt are great. No shoes are worn as both venues are carpeted. Please leave shoes inside the door prior to entering dance space. You might like to bring plain water in a covered bottle to flush away any toxins released.

Booking and payment details as follows:

Bellydance Workshop Lilydale 2017
Bellydance Classes Seville 2017