Friday, 16 February 2018

Leanne Margaret: A New Page - 7 Points on Blog Style

Leanne Margaret: A New Page - 7 Points on Blog Style: New page, new book. Every writer LOVES opening a brand new notebook. It's so rewarding that many of us even smell the pages! Althoug...

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Learn Bellydance

Summer Bellydance Classes at Seville

$91 for 7 weeks of bellydance 
Beginning Thursday 1st February 2018
Bookings via Seville Community House 03 5964 3987

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Leanne Margaret: Summer Solstice Poem

Hi Dancers

It's Spring Solstice, my favourite time of year. The peak of summer always has me planning a night out dancing. Also it's my birthday month and Christmas, so there's lots to celebrate. The next post will include all the details of the next Majickal Bellydance 7 Week Course at Seville Community House, Victoria.

But for now, I have encapsulated some elements of Summer Solstice into this little poem. For much of my life, my writing focussed on poetry. But since I wrote my first book, the poetry has taken a back seat. So I enjoyed getting back in touch with the concentration of poetry.

It's a quick read too, which is refreshing in a world saturated with writing.

Happy Summer Solstice. 🌞

Leanne Margaret: Summer Solstice Poem: Another solar cycle shines its peak; The sun is at its highest in the sky. The summer solstice build-up is released. Spring herbs...

Thursday, 30 November 2017

February Classes

Majickal Bellydance will be returning to Seville Community House in February.

More details will be posted as soon as they are available...

Classes will be held at Seville Community House
8 Railway Road Seville
7pm - 8pm on Thursdays for 7 weeks.

Bookings and enquiries via Seville House
Phone: 03) 5964 3987

Although I trained in Classical Egyptian Bellydance for 20 years, my own style: Majickal Bellydance, is based on something even more ancient.

The main intent of Majickal Bellydance is the promotion of health and mobility. It is a healing dance that balances the human energy field as well as strengthening the mind/body connection.

Basic Bellydance movements are gradually introduced from the ground upwards, in spiralling layers and shimmies.

This is a beginners course where balance, strength and technique are emphasised over choreography. Intermediate dancers are also welcome to try this unique, spiritual style of Bellydance.

Suitable for adults of all fitness levels.

See you in February 😀
Leanne Margaret

Friday, 24 November 2017

Leanne Margaret: The Antidote to Terror is Love

Leanne Margaret: The Antidote to Terror is Love: The antidote to terror is love . Values related to expansion and competition have left many human beings isolated from each other, country a...